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Invitation to the KOA Travelling Fellowship Program
On the 63rd Annual Congress of the Korean Orthopedic Association

The Korean Orthopedic Association (KOA) Travelling Fellowship Program 2019 is open to orthopedic surgeons from Asian countries selected by their National Association, in order to favor exchange between the travelling fellows and the orthopedics of the inviting nation.

The KOA Travelling Fellowship Program started in 2012 with the invitation of talented young surgeons from 6 Asian countries. On the 63rd Annual Congress of the KOA in 2019, more applicants from the Asian countries completed the KOA Travelling Fellowship Courses successfully.

The KOA Travelling Fellowship Program aims to provide orthopedic training, continuous medical education and knowledge transfer, supports and creates new personal bonds to improve the mutual understanding, collaboration and unity of all National Association of Orthopedic Surgery in Asia.

The KOA is proud to provide an exceptional educational opportunity to outstanding Asian candidates. Successful candidates will attend the 63rd Annual Congress of the KOA from 17th to 19th October 2019 in Seoul, Korea. They will be provided with an opportunity to make a presentation of a specific research topic of interest. In addition, a forum for travelling fellows will be open as a formal session.

Within the KOA Travelling Fellowship Course 2019, an attractive program will be prepared. The fellowship participants could be hosted by world-renowned experts in each field of orthopedic surgery. The program includes opportunities to visit a special hospital for scientific exchange, observation, close interaction with faculty, and as well as social or cultural events.

The KOA believes, in addition to the essential scientific activities, our Travelling Fellowship Program will spread ideas about geography, culture, social systems and traditions of other colleagues and countries.

For further information, please contact the KOA Head Office:
Tel: +82 2 780 2765